145. What writing is for

why write

A lot of students ask me what writing is for. Unless they want to be a story writer, or a novelist, or a journalist – which most of them don’t want to be – they question the purpose of writing.

If they are going to open up a coffee shop or an agro business, writing skills will be the last thing they will have to worry about.

And they are right in many ways. Because, they perceive writing as similar to writing essays in exams, or news reports in papers, or speech for programs. They will not be writing academic essays while trying to set up a coffee shop.

But writing is beyond that. And writing doesn’t have to mean – big.

For example: writing a reflection at the end of the day, writing a list of things to do, writing down a phone number, writing an email to your friend, writing a message to your teacher, writing a plan, and so on.

One of my mentors said, “Writing is thinking on paper”. We are thinking all the time and writing helps us store those thoughts because we are not good at memory, especially in this age of information flood.

Writing helps us think better. Writing helps us remember better. Writing helps us make decisions better.

Writing can also help us become better readers. I started reading intently only after I thought I would continue writing.

Bottomline: writing helps us become better in life.

That’s what writing is for.