148. Reinventing Teaching from A to Z: A

Earlier, I had written an article titled “An open letter to passionate teachers” on how to overcome the wall of hopelessness. Since then I have received a lot of emails and messages on social media by teachers (and aspiring ones) expressing their belief, interest, and frustrations about the teaching profession.

Hopefully, through this article series, I am able to answer some questions, clear out some fog, and dismiss a few negativity. And, hopefully, I am also able to (re)ignite passion and inculcate pride among us about the profession we love so much.

(This concept is heavily inspired by Scott Thornbury’s An A-Z of ELT. Also, I have tried facebook-sourcing to gather more ideas.)


A: Anticipation

Students need to know what they are going to study (objectives) but don’t give them all at once. Tell them there’s a surprise or tell them to make a guess. Start with a quiz and give the answer at the end of the class. Or, start with a movie clip and lead them into the class’s main objective. Make them curious. Open up a gap, make them fill it – help them fill it.

And, a couple more from my facebook comment.

Autonomous: Just don’t go on rambling through the session. Teachers tend to wrap the context even without caring about students’ learning. Course vyaunu cha, time thorai cha: Students make noise because the teacher is not teaching interesting stuff. (Kanchan Bahadur Bhattarai)

Absorbing: Needs to be able to hold attention and also have open mind to absorb what students express. (Abhilasha Rayamajhi)