167. Handling the Nervousness

Handling my nervousness. Learning.

Empowerment Academy

Reflection by: Umes Shrestha


How would you feel when you are supposed to design and deliver workshops for teachers who have at least 3 times more years of teaching experience?

Nervous, yes. But “nervous” would be a serious understatement.

When I’m starting to feel anxious, I always remind myself of what one of my professors taught me during my M.Ed. program. “Never forget”, he had said, “Adults are just like babies but in bigger bodies.” (I came across a similar advice in Bob Pike’s book). That way, we can visualize the participants as normal human beings who are in the session to learn, enjoy, make mistakes, laugh, move around, and have a great time.

So during a recent needs analysis session for the teachers at a private school in Ktm, when I started to feel nervousness creeping in, I repeated my professor’s mantra one more time.

These are all babies…

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