70. Podcast No. 1: Making or Doing Mistakes

I am venturing into the world of podcasting. So here you go. This is a podcast for Nepali school students and learners of English.

I’ve been doing a few trial recordings and I’m putting out this one for download so that I can get your suggestions and comments. It’s recorded in my room with an Iphone, mixed on Premier 2. Music by yours truly. I can’t get any professional than this 🙂

Okay. Here’s the first one:

And, here’s the transcript:
Podcast – Making or Doing Mistakes

69. SLC, ELT, and Our Place in the Big Picture

The reality of our education !!!

Nelta Choutari

Shyam Sharma*

When School Leaving Certificate (SLC) results were published earlier this month, quite a few of my friends and family members posted happy messages such as the following on Facebook: “Congratulations to our nephew ___ for securing 8* percent!!!” But whenever I come across such messages, I am reminded how privileged these friends and families are (including my own family). I am reminded of one person in particular whose SLC-related story I can never forget.

I have told Ramlal Sunar’s story on this blog before (please see comment section) so I won’t repeat it, but to recap what it is about, this young man was one of the “jhamte” candidates for the SLC who sought my help because he and the other young men and women in a village in Gulmi had been failing in English, some of them for many years. I had only completed my IA at…

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