62. Haiku Session in the class

A little bit of something from Professor Alan Maley’s workshop and a little bit of something from Jo Cumming’s Writing Haiku lesson plan.

Students of BBA First Sem (Ace Institute of Management) wrote down some really creative haikus on the class last week. I am sharing some of the photos I took in the class.











51. Photos: sessions I attended during 18th Nelta Intl Conference – Kathmandu


Teaching EL through Short Stories
Afrin Akter Shadia (Bangladesh)
[I thought she would be doing some practical session on how to tell stories but it was a presentation on her research.]


Learning Friendly Environment vs Mass Education
Vishnu Rai and Maya Rai (Nepal)
[I was quite curious to see a session by Vishnu Rai, one of the reasons being that I have critiqued on his Nenglish concept. But, somehow he didn’t show up and it was only Maya Rai doing the session.]


Teaching Writing in Large Classes
Professor William Wolf (Bangladesh)
[Good presentation on how to teach writing based on some rubrics. He could have just eased his pace though. May be a 40 mins session was a bit constraining for many presenters.]


Forgetting and Stress Management in Classroom Situation
Babita Gurung (Nepal)
[It could have been more effective if the ideas and suggestions she shared was of her own rather than reading the notes which can be easily found on the internet. Her personal insights and experiences would have been a great share.]


Critical Thinking in English Language Education
Rajani Badlani (India)
[I feel quite awful as I can’t quite remember what happened during her session. I must have been completely swamped with the thoughts of my own upcoming pecha-kucha presentation that afternoon.]


Promoting Learners’ Contribution through Elicitation
Rezvan Rashidi (Iran)
[One of the thorough and to-the-point presentations I attended through out the conference. Although the elicitation techniques were not anything new, she added ‘pleasantness’ into her methods, which was nice for a change.]


How do I teach story in EFL class?
Motikala Subba Dewan (Nepal)
[Loved her energy. She is an example of how ‘body language’ is so vital in teaching.]


Developing Writing Skills through Story Telling
Z.N. Patil (India)
[Interesting and entertaining. Experience speaks it all.]


The Power of Storytelling in EFL
Alexandra Potier (Nepal)
[Fun, activity based methods. Practical. Quite useful.]

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend other sessions. There were almost 14 sessions running concurrently and I was having a hard time choosing which room to enter.