98. Pecha Kucha: Problems faced by EFL teachers

This is me presenting a pecha kucha show during the Hetauda phase of Nelta International Conference 2014. The title of my presentation was “Problems faced by EFL teachers and the solutions”. I presented a few outlandish solutions as quick fixes.

This was my second time doing this show (along with my tutor Laxman Gnawali and my friends from KU, School of Education) and it was a great fun ride. The best part was many people mispronouncing ‘pecha kucha’ as ‘pachaak puchuk’ or ‘pyaacha kuchha’.

Here’s the presentation file: Pecha Kucha – Umes Shrestha, 2014


97. Welcome to Nelta Choutari March Issue 2014

This is my first work as an editor of Nelta Choutari blog. Hard work pays off, eventually. I want to thank all the contributors and team members for their support.

Nelta Choutari


Umes Shrestha
(with Usha and Jeevan)

Dear Readers of Nelta Choutari Blog Magazine,
We took an extra week to publish this issue, but the time has been worth it!

As we present the ‘NELTA Conference special issue’, including an amazing set of blog posts based on the 19th International Conference, we are excited by many things. We have continued our tradition of the special issue after this important event for Nepal’s ELT community. We are also proud to see the emergence of new venues of professional conversation, most significantly the “official” blog started by NELTA (www.neltaeltforum.weebly.com). We see such development as the community’s dream coming true, because there should be more venues of professional conversation, some run by individual scholars, others by groups, some less structured and formal than others, and so on. We remain an independent community of bloggers who strive to publish the voice of…

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