76. Podcast No. 4 – The Brave Little Parrot

Since I’m having to teach this book “Adventures in English” for the new semester, I thought it would be a good idea to read out and record some of the stories from the book. So, here’s the first one, it’s the story titled “The Brave Little Parrot”. As usual, I recorded it on a phone, edited it on Premier by adding few sound effects from the internet.

Listen to the podcast here:



73. Podcast No. 3: Read, Study, Take and Give

Podcast No. 3: Read, Study, Take and Give

On this podcast, I talk about the differences between the two verbs ‘to read’ and ‘to study’. Similarly, I also try to explain the difference between ‘to take an exam’ and ‘to give an exam’.

Here’s the link to the podcast:


And, here’s the audio transcript you can download: Latebecame Podcast Episode 3.

I would love to have your comments and suggestions.

70. Podcast No. 1: Making or Doing Mistakes

I am venturing into the world of podcasting. So here you go. This is a podcast for Nepali school students and learners of English.

I’ve been doing a few trial recordings and I’m putting out this one for download so that I can get your suggestions and comments. It’s recorded in my room with an Iphone, mixed on Premier 2. Music by yours truly. I can’t get any professional than this 🙂

Okay. Here’s the first one:

And, here’s the transcript:
Podcast – Making or Doing Mistakes