About Me

Hi I am Umes Shrestha.
I help teachers, students, and professionals become better at what they do and I feel great doing it.

Thank you for visiting my blog where you can read my posts related to my passion, which are teaching, writing and speaking – and also conducting workshops and trainings.

I help undergrad and grad students sharpen their English language, and Communication, Presentation skills so that they can be confident about their writing and speaking.

I also conduct workshops for teachers and teacher-trainers on designing effective classroom experiences, on teaching English language, communication, presentation, and classroom management.

Umes Shrestha

In my initial years as a teacher, I struggled to understand the meaning of teaching, the methods of teaching and the purpose of teaching. I would teach in a very traditional way, the way my school teachers used to teach me – the carrot and stick way. Plus, I was a teacher who would grumble a lot.

After joining M.Ed. English Language Teaching (ELT) program at Kathmandu University and meeting some great mentors and colleagues, I discovered that teaching is a whole different art. It is not about standing in front of the students and lecturing them, it is not about reading out lessons line by line to the students, it is not only about teaching students to pass exams. It is about passion and empathy. It is about being patient and optimistic.

Now as a teacher and a teacher educator, I feel I am growing every day. I am in the process of becoming an improved, informed and open minded teacher with enhanced writing skills, finer presentation quality and greater teaching competency.

If you are a teacher and want to communicate with me, just post a comment or email me. I would love to hear your stories.

Umes Shrestha
M.Ed. (ELT)
M.A. (Mass Comm and Journalism)
Kathmandu, Nepal
Email: umes.shrestha@gmail.com
Twitter: @umes_shrestha

Right-brain – Empowerment Academy
Assist. Professor of Communication – King’s College, Kathmandu

Former Editor – NELTA ELT Forum (www.neltaeltforum.wordpress.com)
Former Editor – ELT Choutari (www.eltachoutari.com)

Coordinator – Speakers’ Club (KU, School of Education) (www.facebook.com/speakersclubku)
Founder – ktmROCKS (www.facebook.com/ktmrocks)

I am a proud Life-member of NELTA (Nepal English Language Teachers’ Association)

With ktmROCKS, I have worked for more than 10 years in the ‘underground’ music scene of Kathmandu – from organizing concerts to producing albums to promoting and supporting local musicians and bands.

I also have an M.A. degree in Mass Communication and Journalism. I have worked as a News Editor (Radio Nepal) for over five years and Photo Editor (National News Agency) for three years.

I occasionally contribute articles to the national newspapers. Lately, I’ve started writing ‘short stories’ with a twist.


“Late became” is one of the most common expressions that students use in the school where I used to work. It’s a direct translation of Nepali “dhilo bhayo” into English. Sadly Interestingly, many teachers (from primary to secondary) also use the same and similar expressions quite often. For instance, “First became, yeah?” “Wrong became” “Bore became” “Homework became?” and so on.

Thus, Late became. 🙂


My blog on Band and Concert photography: Bleak Impressions


21 thoughts on “About Me

    • Hi Caroline,
      thank you so much for dropping by. Whenever I hear someone talking in Spanish, I feel that the language has close resemblance to my first language Newari 🙂 And, it’s not surprising that many languages have direct translations of English and they seem to work so well.
      “Good day” to you.

  1. I your blog found [:D] through Motti didi ko bhatti while reading all of the Fiction Park stories. Actually, the name fascinated me. Your posts are quite interesting. Will keep reading. 🙂

  2. Can’t really express how happy became to find your blog finally bro :). Been following your work for a bit too much that it’s just always such inspiring insights and relatively incredible. Blog on bro. Cheerz.:) Also the Bleak Impressions page. Amazing. Good on ya bro.

  3. Hi Umes,
    I just wanted to say hello and that I find your story really interesting – I am about to leave my career in academic publishing to move into ELT and I’m really excited to hopefully have a positive effect on some students’ lives. I really liked your words about teaching, and I look forward to reading more.
    Thanks again,

  4. Hi Umes,

    It has been 2 years since I saw your blog and I was intrigued. We definitely need a lot f teachers that are passionate with what they do. Kindly check your email as I was wondering if you would be interested with my proposal.


    • Hi Prabin.
      Of course that might sound convincing. However, my whole point was not to make it sound convincing at all. “Late became” is a phrase the students in the school I was teaching used so frequently that it just got stuck in my mind.

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