126. SLC: A Goddamn Lie

SLC is a lie

(The result of this year’s School Leaving Certificate exam is out. This year too, over 50% of students have failed. That’s over 200,000 students.)

SLC, short form for School Leaving Examination, is a lie. It’s a lie so well cooked and polished that almost every parent of students appearing in this annual mockery believes that ‘distinction’ means social prestige.

The schools claim their bragging right when their success rate is 100%. There’s a hierarchy within the 100 per cent too – 100% distinction, 100% first division, 100% pass. This madness goes on.

In a couple of days, there will be tikas on the students’ foreheads. There will be garlands around their necks. There will be photos in the newspapers. There will be banners in the school’s main entrance. There will be scholarships for the students with ‘distinction’.

Parents will celebrate. Schools will celebrate. All the while exaggerating this lie: SLC is the biggest hurdle in a student’s life. SLC is the iron gate. SLC is your future.

Worst of all, students believe this lie. (I did too, once.)

And in the same world,
Students those who didn’t get distinction.
Students those who didn’t get the first division.
And, 213,071 students those who didn’t even make it through the pass marks.
They will curse their incompetence.
They will mourn their fate.
They will lament their insignificance.

SLC is a lie. It is injustice.

SLC news, Kantipur Online


6 thoughts on “126. SLC: A Goddamn Lie

    • yeah its probably a lie for hypocrites who think that higher percentage as a result of hard work don’t mean shit and life is all about “living the dream”. Everything has to be quantified and analyzed before evaluating its quality and SLC is just another medium which justifies the quality of students. Its natural human reaction to feel proud when achieved certain achievements from hard work. So its simple really, instead of raising dumb ass questions about the flaw in the system, just open your god dam books and start studying cuz hey IF U WANT GOOD GRADES THEN U GOTTA WORK FOR IT!!
      p.s: whoever wrote this article, i feel for u man. You probably think that the anarchy your article represents will be accepted by a lot of dumb asses who still live off their parents and talk big about how the world should operate, but the simple fact is that instead of getting jealous of others just get ur ass off the floor and start working cuz “Distinction” only can be achieved by working for it instead of blaming the system for it.


  1. Using students’ grades to advertise schools is a disgusting practice. Ideally, the students’ grades should be treated as private, confidential information and the schools should not be allowed to profit from their success.

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