103. An Appeal To All – Don’t fail any students


When every year – more than 50% of the total students fail the SLC exam – can you feel ecstatic about your brother passing with a distinction, or your sister, son, daughter passing with ‘flying colors’? How can you be even happy when over 300,000 students couldn’t make it through the ‘iron gate’ this year as well?

Our education system has failed us.
Our examination system has failed us.
Our government, policy makers, educationists and teachers – they have failed us.

I am a teacher and I want to make an appeal to all the teachers, examiners and those who check answer papers.

Don’t fail any students.

Yes, educate them, teach them and also let them through this stupid SLC system. Don’t push them back into darkness because they couldn’t impress you through this illogical three-hour exam system.

Give the students a benefit of doubt, especially to those weak students who perform poorly in exams.

Let them through.
Let all of them through.

Dear teachers, examiners and those who check answer papers. Please empathize with the students and send them through this exam!

If you can prevent students from committing suicide and save their lives, why not do so? As teachers, we are supposed to save our students’ lives, aren’t we? Screw the marks, LIVES are at stakes here. So, just send them through.

They will figure it out when they go to the real world later.
Just let them through.

(Pic: Internet)


4 thoughts on “103. An Appeal To All – Don’t fail any students

  1. This reminds me of a troll pic where all animals in line are asked to climb a tree in order to pass the exam including a fish. hahahahaha

  2. ok this might sound rude, but this is what the filtering process means, instead you can ask for better environment to read and to be guided next time, if everyone goes through it will be meaningless, this is like saying every child is special- here special loses its meaning.

    • It doesn’t sound rude at all. In fact, you have some logic there. But just think about it. When the system of assessment is done through a one-shot three hour standardized exam, it is highly likely that only few of those ‘genius’ students who could rote-memorize everything will have a great advantage over other students who have different types of intelligence.

      Take example of Raju, one of my students who didn’t make it through the SLC. He’s a brilliant artist but he can’t write fast enough, he can’t express his ideas on words, he can’t score good enough on a constrained time bound exam. He needs at least a day to express something he has in his head. He passed all the exams except on Science. His aggregate total is almost 50%. He was 4 marks short of the passing mark. Just because he failed in one subject, now, just like a criminal, he’s going to have to stamp this “FAIL” brand on his forehead. He is never interested in Science, he is never going to join higher studies in Science. He wants to major in Arts and Craft. But he can’t join Lalit Kala Campus because he failed in Science. How fair is that?

      If we let Raju go through it, he is wise enough not to join Science or take Maths but he will have a chance to choose what he has been dreaming for all these years.

      If the education system is riddled with faults, if the teaching conditions are not perfect by any means, if the teachers are also humans who make mistakes all the time, if the examinations are meant for only those who can vomit whatever they memorized, if the subjects students learn in school are highly irrelevant in the society, what’s the logic in holding them back, what’s the point in ‘filtering’ them. What arrogance… who are we to filter them!

      Each ‘weak’ student has just as equal rights as the other ‘genius’ ones to go ahead and make a choice.

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