87. Fiction: Exam Super Hero


Restless like a child in the womb, the sullen student fidgeted on his desk for a few minutes… then he perked his head up and gazed into uncertainty. The questions were murderous. His thoughts were as blank as the universe, and so were his answer papers.

Suddenly, with a renewed determination, he sat up… and like a boss, strolled out of the exam hall. A faint murmur and quirky giggles teased him out through the door. ghanta jasto exam, tin tin ghanta samma ke lekhera basne, right now I need to save the world. Every second is precious. He went into the restroom, threw away his specs, took off his shirt and pants and through the window, he flew out. Wait, you pitiful humans, I am coming to rescue you.

Luckily for him, the restroom was on the ground floor and he only sustained few bruises on his elbow.

(Pic: Internet)


6 thoughts on “87. Fiction: Exam Super Hero

  1. Poor creature! Bad luck after bad luck. They should have locked the ground-floor restroom. But he must also have learned that life was not meant to end with going blank in one exam.

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