86. Fiction: Smoking is injurious to reality

smoking / flickr

May be I should write a fairy tale with a good moral, he pondered for a while and lazily lit a surya churot. I might get popular some day. He typed in.

Once upon a time there was a brave king and a charming queen and they had a beautiful daughter. One ominous day, an ugly monster crept out from hell and threatened their kingdom. The king’s witch sister prophesied – within the next seven days, the monster would kill them all and take over the kingdom until… or unless they let the monster eat their lovely daughter.

He paused momentarily and lit another surya. Eat the lovely daughter. The idea lingered in his mind just as the clouds of smoke lingered in the room. That would be a total waste of such beauty. He pressed the backspace key and deleted the last line… unless they let the monster marry their lovely daughter. Better.

The king cursed their fate with vengeance; the queen fell unconscious and wilted over the floor. How will they give away their princess to that ugly monster? It was unimaginable, what that monster would do to their lovely little daughter! The whole kingdom drowned in sorrow.

Much better, he reflected as he smoked the last surya he had. And what about the tall dark handsome prince who would come to rescue her? He ran out of churot. He ran out of ideas. How do I introduce the prince? He rummaged for ideas in the dark corners of his hazy mind.

I think it calls for a short break. He minimized the word document and logged on to his facebook. There were thirteen notifications. Slick smug smile crept out from his dark lips. How he loved counting the ‘likes’ on his profile picture. Going through his photos, he thought. I am as tall dark handsome as any of those fairy tale princes! To wipe away any tiny bit of self-doubt, he got up and stood in front of the mirror. Hmm. I’m perfect. I’ll fight the ugly monster, slay its head into eternal abyss, and impress the lovely princess. Then, I’ll marry her. When the king dies, I’ll rule over the kingdom… happily ever after.

He frantically tap tap tapped over the keys.


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