83. Fiction: Sundari’s Sadness


Her face was engulfed in a vast sadness. You can’t describe it. It’s like the ugly sadness you see on the faces of those young people leaving for the Gulf region… with grey hopelessness. She didn’t cry. She just sat motionless, staring down at her tired foot, her fists clenched inside her coat pockets.

Fate sometimes slaps you hard and kicks you from behind but you can’t do anything. You can’t find any explanation. Then, you blame god, you blame your own fate, you remain silent. That’s what Sundari Devi did.

When she got home that evening, she had found her husband’s body swinging under the fan. She didn’t have courage to look into his cold questioning eyes, so she stormed out of the room and sat down on the staircase. Her neighbors told her that they tried calling her several times but her cell phone was ‘out of reach’. Probably a bad network or a dead battery. She cursed the god, she cursed her own fate and then in a flurry of desperation, she smashed her khataraa cell phone on the floor.

She made a quick decision. She would buy an iPhone the next day. “It has good battery”, she remembered seeing in an ad. Gradually, the terrible sadness started to thaw off her face.

(Pic: Internet)


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