81. Fiction: Time to Murder


ONCE out in the real world, he felt disgusted and cursed the happy humanity. Keeping his sanity updated, he plotted to strangle it with unmerciful fate.

In his head, he was the divine destroyer with a mission to wipe out the disease called morality. It was rotting and spewing hatred stronger than Bagmati sewer. In his hands, he had the sword that was mightier than the pen. He wanted to sever the fingers that wrote the verses, and slit the mouths that uttered the scriptures – for they had been grinding the gullibles with their sweet talks… for more than two thousand years. In his dreams, he was the Rawan destined to decimate the world of Rams and save Sitas from the pyre. For too long, Sitas have been thrown into fiery trials under the lousy pretext of (in)decency.

But, everything would end now. A wry smile cracked through his foul lips. It was time to act. It was time to celebrate. And, without any repentance, it was time to murder and purify the humanity off its sins. Enlightenment. He was ready to kill to save the undeserving humanity.

Up above, He liked the idea. Sipping a cold breath of fiction, He chuckled… and posted His amusement on Twitter:
What if he does it! What if my son does it!! #destiny #divinesarcasm


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