54. Very creative poems


While attending the Nelta conference in Janakpur last month, I got my hands on a very interesting school magazine titled “The Child”. Apparently, the magazine was a collection of  articles, poems, jokes, etc written by students of over 40 schools in and around Janakpur. What struck my eyes were the poems. 

Here are some:

Ok! Ok! Ok!
Our discipline is OK
Bye Bye Bye !
Our bad habit is bye..

God, god, god,
Father is my god.
Earth, earth, earth
Mother is my earth
Study, study, study
Study is my work
Dipak, Dipak, Dipak
Dipak is my name

The Leg
Leg leg leg
This is my leg
I have two legs
One is right and
Other is left leg
It helps us to walk
It helps us to run
It helps us to stand
So, I love my leg.

Ear Ear Ear
Ear ear this is my ear
I have two ears
There are my dear
It can help me hear
Ear ear this is my ear
So my ear is my dear.

After reading some, I could see there was a general pattern in most of the poems. And, very absurd patters they are. Rhyming is one. It is the most visible feature on these poems. (I wonder how the students recite these poems. Their sense of melody or accent would be an interesting observation as well.) Repetition or alliteration is another strong feature of these poems. But, Ok! Ok! Ok! God, god, god, ear ear – they all sound and look absurd.

Apart from the ungrammatical structures, typos and incoherence (both in form and meaning) in the poems, the texts do bring the situation of English language into the light. I’m giving these poets a benefit of doubt. I’m not saying, it is good or bad – it is just peculiarly unique! What could be the significance from SLA point of view? It may also be a perfect subject for research. I wish I was based in Janakpur.

Some more poems…




4 thoughts on “54. Very creative poems

  1. Ah, poetry, you tricky fiend, you.

    Hands down, I love ‘The dog ate my easy’. Quite handy to have a dog who does things for you, hoina ta? I wonder the whys/hows of the structure that everyone seems to follow it (?)

  2. yo phuyal bhai ra yadav bhai ko aesthetic approach ta same raicha. ekdaam post-modernist bichaar dhara raicha janakpur ma. Ear, leg, dipak chai kasko ho?

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