52. Exam Reflection


I hate examinations.
I dread about the longest three hours I have to sit on a desk and write till my fingers burn.
I hate cramming up few nights before the exam.
I hate waking up in the morning feeling drowsy, empty, lousy and nervous because I can’t cram everything up. Every theory. Every page. Every lesson. Whatever I manage to memorize is just a huge blur.
I hate the choking pressure I feel to write well, to pass the test, to perform and to meet expectations. My expectations. My tutor’s expectations. My family’s expectations.

I hate the fact that there’s no way around.

And, I hate the fact that my students too go through the same dreadful experience.
And, I hate the fact that I see my own image in my students when they are in the exam hall.
And, I hate the fact that I can’t help.


6 thoughts on “52. Exam Reflection

  1. Good to see a teacher who really feels about the exams like we really do. There has to be better system than to see who can “remember very well, and vomit most in the three hours”?

  2. It’s heartbreaking to see an active student/learner perform ‘poorly’ in the final exam and you are forced to give a very low grade (and sometimes, fail the student). As a student, you have one shot, one written examination – you either hit it or miss it. Isn’t that completely unfair?
    There’s only a few days left for the SLC exams and Class 10 students all over the country will be going through this torment, this pressure and all they have is one shot. 12 years of schooling and they have just one shot – to break through this “iron gate”.

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