50. Photos: Janakpur Conference

janakpur-nelta (2)

Way towards the conference venue – Janakpur Uddyog Banijya Sangh

janakpur-nelta (3)

Registration desk

janakpur-nelta (4)

Photographing Dr Richards

janakpur-nelta (5)

Dr Jodi Crandall giving her plenary speech.

janakpur-nelta (6)

Feels right at home.

janakpur-nelta (7)

The collective joy of clicking a photo

janakpur-nelta (8)

Apparently, Janakpur is crazy about this.

janakpur-nelta (9)

Dr Richards during his plenary session.

janakpur-nelta (10)

janakpur-nelta (11)

janakpur-nelta (12)

Associate Professor (KU) Laxman Gnawali during his pecha-kucha

janakpur-nelta (13)

Mr Fife MacDuff (from the American Embassy) urging the participants to pick up ‘rubbish’.


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