49. Nelta Janakpur Conference – Teaching English through Songs


We were to present just the  pecha-kucha during the Janakpur phase of the 18th International Nelta Conference, however, due to some luck (or bad luck) many presenters had backed out and that meant I too could present one more during the parallel sessions.

So my session would be “Teaching English through Songs”. Of lately, I’ve been incorporating songs in the classroom to teach English language from a fun-perspective so I was quite prepared to do this session.

– to discuss and come up with various ways to use a song in the class
– to discuss similarities of a song with poems: alliteration, rhyming words, rhythm, etc
– to use songs in both inductive and deductive ways to teach vocabulary, word chunks/collocation to the students
– to focus on grammar and sentence structures
– to make students write their own version of the lyrics based on the melody
– and in general, to make teaching more effective and interesting, to make the students feel at home and reduce any affective filters.

Ugly Kid Joe‘s beautiful song “Cloudy Skies” is one of the perfect songs that can be used in the classroom. It’s not that heavy, it is not ‘pop’ either. And, after a 40 min discussion and a demo, the participants were able to do this.

I was quite happy sharing these ideas with the future teachers and students in Janakpur.


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