43. A lesson learnt

A Chat with my Program Coordinator:

I: Sir, I need some tips on classroom management. My class has 45 students, late teenagers, most of them having attention span of below 10 seconds. How do I keep them interested and disciplined as the same time?

He: That’s the question I would like to ask you.

I: (confused) I didn’t get it.

He: The thing that works for me, doesn’t work for you. Every time a teacher steps in the classroom, it’s a new environment. What I bring into the classroom completely differs from what others bring into the classroom. I can’t give you any tips for classroom management.

I: umm..hmm..

He: I can’t lie to you but honestly, I have no answers for your question. I don’t have any success sutra as such.

I: You mean, the strategy I use works only for me. And, the strategy others use is hardly useful for me in the classroom.

He: Yes. You keep asking the question and you keep reflecting on your teaching philosophy. You will get the answer.

I: Ok, I think I got it.

Lesson learnt:
Give your 100%, develop your own methods and strategies. Question yourself, question why you are in this. Reflect. And, you’ll be fine.


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