34. Essay Writing and Students as the Teacher

Through out the last week, I had been teaching writing paragraph and essay to the students of class ten. We discussed about hamburger structure (topic sentence – supporting sentences – conclusion) for writing a paragraph, mind mapping technique before writing an essay and finally, writing an essay with a simple structure of introduction, main body and conclusion.

Then I assigned the students a project work on essay writing. They would have to choose one of the topics [pollution, tourism, drugs abuse] and they had to incorporate a hamburger structure, mind mapping technique and finally, write the essay.

I got their project works before the deadline and I was pretty impressed with the effort they had put into their work. I felt pleased that they wrote better than I had expected.

The next activity was completely unplanned and almost whimsical. I think I should do this often with these students – to let them pick a topic and ask them to teach the class for at least 10 minutes. So I told them that they had to teach (give a presentation) the class on the topic of their choice. I thought they would panic on hearing this but to my surprise, I saw sparks of interest in their eyes and knew that they were ready to take the challenge.

And teach they did the following day and the next day. Most of them came prepared and few of them were quite incredible while giving the presentation in front of the class. And as a closure to all the activities that we did in the last week, I asked them to write a short reflection on their experience of teaching the class and mail them to me.

Here are the ones that I have received thus far. These are their versions, un-edited text.


Last Thursday I had to teach about conditional sentences (if-clause) to the whole class. The day before I prepared a lot on the topic and the next day I was the first one to teach in my class. I was feeling very nervous. I taught all the types of conditionals with examples and I taught some important rules about conditionals. I was happy to teach conditionals to the whole class. I thought I taught really well but I know there was a lot of nervousness in me. So couldn’t teach as I would have liked. But I tried my best to make the class understand about conditionals.


Last Friday it was my turn to teach everyone about conditionals as our English teacher had assigned us. I felt very excited when I stepped in front of everyone. I was very nervous and wasn’t able to speak for few seconds. Then I felt happy that I got a great opportunity to teach everyone. Then I started to teach everyone. They didn’t raise any questions and I was happy that each and every of them were able to understand me. Then I wrote few points and taught well.

Finally my turn was over and I got good positive comments from my teacher and all of my friends. I was very happy that I got a great opportunity to get experience regarding teaching.


Today it was my turn to go in front of the class and teach on the topic “Essay”. He told me beforehand to get prepared on this topic but I just forgot it. I was not prepared at all but I told him that I was prepared. And finally I went in front of the class. I felt somehow nervous, excited and happy. I started that thing with its definition. I taught the best I could. And it went all good. I felt somehow happy listening to my teacher praising me. Then I thought that teaching is good. All you got to do is understand the thing that you’re going to teach in front. I was able to teach them well means that I have understood a lot about essay. While discussing about essay I even gave them the basic concept of how to write the paragraphs by drawing a diagram of a burger. I hope they understood me well because I even explained them drawing mental mapping. This is all what I experienced teaching the class for the first time.


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