Read or not to read… aloud !



As I prepare for my upcoming Braz-TESOL presentation entitled Activating the Receptive Skills – Beliefs and Practice Versus Current Research (together with my colleague Marta Rezende), I wonder why round-the-class reading has stood the test of time, regardless of all the recommendations against it. Recently, in a talk about teaching reading, I brought up the reading aloud issue, my pet peeve, and presented all the arguments against it, mine and many specialists’. At the end of the session, a teacher approached me and said, “But my students like it so much!” This comment reminded me of one of my favorite blog posts by Ken Wilson (2010), particularly a part when he says:

If a teacher says ‘My students really enjoy X’, you can usually interpret this as ‘I like X, and I ask my students to do it a lot’. Which CAN be a good thing. But not with…

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