20. A Khetala Teacher

A Khetala Teacher. Noun
Origin: public schools of Nepal

khetala: [khe tɑː lɑː] a farm labourer who works on others’ fields, especially in villages; usually gets certain daily wage or works as labour exchange

A government appointed teacher personally assigns (contracts) an unqualified (unemployed) teacher to work in his/her place in a rural pubic school. Meanwhile, the ‘real’ teacher works in other schools (private) or gets into other forms of occupation, even flies abroad – still drawing monthly salary and benefits from the designated public school. Gives a certain cut of the salary to the khetala-teacher, while the ‘real’ teacher enjoys laddu in both hands.

The government of Nepal lacks effective mechanism to monitor such discrepancies in the rural schools. (Plus, head teachers and other teachers are members of political parties and they can’t be touched, literally.)


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