15. 10 Commandments of an Ethical Teaching

Even though it says “The 10 Commandments of Ethics and the ESL Teacher”, I believe these commandments are valid for every teacher.

The 10 Commandments of Ethics and the ESL Teacher
By: Dr. Stacia Levy
For detailed explanation, source: Busy Teacher

1. You will not preach to your students. You will not share your religious beliefs or otherwise “witness.”
2. Nor will you preach your political beliefs.
3. Neither will you sell material goods to your students, including your written works.
4. You will not accept gifts from your students.
5. You will not establish a cash fund or otherwise collect money in class, however noble the purpose.
6. You will not practice therapy on your students.
7. Nor will you force students to practice therapy on you.
8. You will not befriend your students.
9. You will, however, treat your students and their families with respect and not play favorites.
10. You will issue grades based on student work, not on your relationship with the student.


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