13. A Nepali-fied English

Ashish: Hello yaar.
Binod: Hello.
Ashish: Why mood off looking yaar?
Binod: Early morning, had fight with bau. Now I’m in big tension.
Ashish: What happen exactly?
Binod: It’s the same thing ni. Everyday, the same dialogue. Get a job get a job.
Ashish: Job chai you need to find yaar. Somehow anyhow.
Binod: I know. Headache becoming.


Girl Student: Miss, he is pushing for me.
Teacher: Naughty fellow. Don’t push her.
Boy Student: I am not pushing for her and.
Teacher: Shut up. Keep quite.


The basic function of a language is to exchange information and understanding. (Quote: almost every linguist or theorist or experts). English is a language. It has a function. When a Nepali teacher says “Do your work right now only”,  is the message clear? Yes, the students get him perfectly. When he says “Everytime homework not bringing, you stupid”, we understand what he’s stating.

So, if Nepali teachers (as well as Nepali people in general) use this kind of sentence structures and there’s an exchange of completely ‘understandable’ information – why make a fuss over how it is done!

After all, some believe, this is Nepali English.

No, we don’t want to speak/write the standard English. It reeks the very stench of imperialism and cultural dominance. This “what like, what like” English should be Nepali-fied. Why worry if this will deform the language. We are reforming it. And why worry whether our style will ever get global acceptance. No worry at all.

Even though this Nepali-fied English is a copy/paste of Indian English in so many ways, we must “localize” it further, with intent and fervor. We must cultivate our own Nepali English, hoina ra?

Yes, brothers and sisters… (opps… no, this is not a political speech).

They say, “Nothing will happen by teaching the same grammar rules for 15 years. The same Sub + verb + Object for years and years”. True, cent percent true. We must blend English into Nepali structure, as a sign of defiance against this terrible “world dominator”. We have to grab the ownership of English and melt it into our own version – the Nepanglish version.

Eating getting nothing, wearing British cap. So why make a fuss at all!


Teacher: Classwork became?
Students: Became sir.
Teacher: Suresh, your copy show.
Suresh: Not became sir.
Teacher: Ufff. What I will do with this boy? Always not become.
Suresh: Sorry sir. I am finishing it now only.


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4 thoughts on “13. A Nepali-fied English

  1. I wanted to comment now only but my mind not working what I say about all this. My English teacher said its not that 99 of the people will not find the fault but its the one who will find it, so he made sure we learn English language the English way, many tried but the surrounding environment really does matters and many a times, we end up saying it happens k 😉

  2. Actually,same think I’m faced .So i know what is exactly misunderstanding create, when it’s happen.thus,proper communication needs to proper English way not in Nepali-English version!

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