09. The Rain is Raining

It’s been raining, almost incessantly, for a few days in Kathmandu. Not that heavy but enough to make you wet in few seconds if you stand outside. And, here goes one of my students in the class today.

“The rain is raining again”.
Some of his friends laugh at him and try to correct him, “It’s raining again, stupid.”
Then he retorts, “If we can say ‘the bus is coming’, why can’t we say the rain is raining?”

Seemed like a good logic to me. But I’ve been told, English is not based on logic. It’s a crazy language. But there has to be a good explanation why we can’t say “the rain is raining”.

I love this children’s song about “rain”.
paani paryo, paani paryo
sundai chhu, sundai chhu
paani paryo tap tap, paani paryo tap tap
bhijeko chhu, bhijeko chhu

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