05. My Product

(Pic: Internet)

During a break, I was casually hanging out with some of the senior* teachers in the school. We were talking about the recent SLC exam result when coincidentally few of our former students showed up at the school. And, seeing them coming towards us, one of the senior teachers said with pride “Those are my products.”


Apparently, it seems normal for teachers (and schools) to use this word to label the students. “He’s my product.” “She’s my product.” Teachers love this word. May be, the word gives them some assurance, some pride… a sense of achievement.

And perhaps, it’s quite justifiable too. Products. With the prevailing education system that we have, the schools are factories and the students are products somehow.

* A senior teacher is usually someone who has been teaching in the school for a long time. I really respect such teacher, who has dedicated his/her life (and youth) to teaching and contributing to the society.

However, there are some (many) for whom teaching has become a class routine, numbers of period and salary at the end of the month. They count the days, count the sessions and count the years. They teach the same stuff class after class and year after year. They too are the senior teachers.


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