02. Hit a bird with bullet !

(Pic: Internet)

I was teaching “If sentences” to the students of Class IX the other day, and here’s what one student said:
“If you hit a bird with bullet, it will die.”
So, instead of using a gun, you’re gonna ‘throw’ bullet, right ? I asked. And, we all laughed.

Grammatically correct, but the sentence does not make any sense.

There’s another instance related to “bullet”, this one is by a teacher.
“The skin of rhino is so thick that a bullet can not enter inside”.

I’m guessing this is probably because Nepali expressions use “goli” like in “goli haanera maarnu“, “goli laagera mornu“, “goli chalaunu” and so on, instead of “banduk le hannu” or “banduk chalaunu“.


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