03. Bow your head

What do you do when you know the older (also called senior) teachers in the school resent the fact that – you are new and probably a smartass!

I hate the fact that most of these teachers in the school are generally cold, unsmiling and unreceptive.

I kinda frowned when the teacher conducting the morning assembly instructed this to students over the mic, “Get ready for morning prayer. Bow [bow as in show] your head and close your eyes.”

I didn’t want to be rude (or step over the line – cos I’m the new guy). So, this is what I did. During a break, I got some his students to learn the meanings of ‘bow’ when pronounced as bow (as in cow) and bow (as in show). At first, they gave me this confused and suspicious look. Then, I got my notebook out, and made them listen to the two distinct pronunciations of ‘bow’, and asked them to refer to their dictionary. They did and I also taught them the uses of phrase “bow your head/s down”.

Surprisingly, after a few days, the teacher used the correct pronunciation of ‘bow’ in the assembly. The students must have done it somehow.

That was one of the “Oh-YES” moments for me, but I also knew that I was gaining a bad rep among the teachers.


4 thoughts on “03. Bow your head

  1. Dai keep doing the right thing. They can go to hell…teach the kids whats correct. Infact you should not be ashamed to go tell the teacher himself if he is making a mistake. But i know how shit rolls here so keep at it…

  2. I would tell them straight to their faces but you know how things are. These ones have the ego bigger than the size of tundikhel and they get quite defensive and annoying when someone tries to correct em.

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